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Business Synopsis

The brand new Multi-Purpose Garden Rake that makes raking, clearing and collecting garden debris a breeze.  

This Multi-function tool is a gardeners’ dream come true. The Clear ‘N’ Collect effortlessly rakes, clears and collects leaves and garden debris has hit the market for the first time – banishing the labour-intensive, time consuming chore of outdoor clear-ups.

Clear ‘N’ Collect is a versatile, multi-purpose rake that speedily collects leaves, grass and hedge clippings and general garden debris, eliminating the need to own multiple pieces of kit that clutter-up sheds and garages.

The unique, large capacity hinged rake glides swiftly over lawns, gravel and hard standings, where its hinged scoops are simply pulled together to contain debris using its perfectly angled interlocking teeth. Gardeners then open the hinged rake over their wheelbarrow, compost heap, bag or green waste bin to dispose of unwanted material – without any need for bending down or shovelling-up the rubbish – while the rake’s light weight of just 1,100g ensure that clear-ups don’t take their toll on gardeners’ backs.

Clear ‘N’ Collect has been engineered to be kind to the planet as well as to our backs. Not only is the product recyclable, but it is made from recycled car dashboards and former electrical goods – helping to repurpose a mountain of waste and prevent it from ending up in landfill.