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Integrus Global

Business Synopsis

Linda Gale from Integrus Global and BNI Berkshire and Wiltshire has worked in different areas of customer support for many years.  She is a strong connector of people and loves to work with clients who want to improve their lives for themselves, their families, and their businesses.  With Integrus Linda works with groups of like-minded businesspeople who like peer interaction, advice, and support to grow and achieve more in life and business.  Integrus also work with disjointed teams and with managers of teams who want to create a better team working environment for each other, achieving greater results together.

With BNI Linda works very hard to create strong groups of businesspeople who look out for business opportunities for each other.  Building and enriching communities for the members and their families and having fun whilst achieving this.  Business can be very lonely but having a group of supportive and friendly people surrounding you looking out for opportunities is key to lots of business success in our Berkshire and Wiltshire regions.  This last year has shown us how resilient people and businesses can be with the support of good people around them.