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Business Synopsis

Ponchlin – is THE award winning multi-functional muslin for the modern mum

·  Multi-functional super product for new mums recently awarded Bronze in Junior Design Awards 2020

·  Combats the scary notion of breastfeeding in public and gives you confidence

·  Helps mums retain their freedom and style

·  Ponchlin Kids also launches to help keep kids clean and protect their clothes

Ponchlin is the stylish, multifunctional, must-have item for all mums. Ponchlin helps you reclaim your identity in your new life as a mum by giving you the confidence to look great, feed in public and get back out there, whilst doubling up as a beautiful, stylish scarf. We know from experience that many new mums find it hard to comfortably feed in public and this item helps mums take back control.

Ponchlin Kids is a matching, stylish fashion accessory for littles one allowing them freedom to explore their surroundings, protect their clothes all whilst looking smart. It is a never-ending job for mums to keep their children clean and this product helps them on this mission!