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Business Synopsis

Wellness Windsor UK offer rapid therapy for everyone, in person or online.
Mariola and Clare use their skills and knowledge to safely navigate you through tough times or to help you gain the level of excellence you strive towards.
Humans are limited only by their beliefs, we can free you from negative damaging thoughts and habits swiftly through our tried and tested RTT, an established blended therapy using CBT, NLP and psychotherapy alongside clinical hypnosis.
*My son suffered with acute anxiety at the beginning of his GCSE and on into his A-Levels, he missed lots of school. We consulted our GP who referred us to CAMHS for assessment but there was a waiting list, we really feared for his life and were worried each time we left him. In one session with Clare he started his journey out of the despair, in days he started to feel more positive. He is in university now and has new challenges but continues to be positive. We have our son back and our sickening fear is gone. Forever thank you*
*Mariola is incredibly understanding and intuitive. The RTT session we had has been pivotal in my healing journey and projected me forwards more successfully than any other therapy. I can not recommend Mariola enough. I am forever grateful.*