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This Week In Craft Beer

37 St Marys Way
Burghfield Common

Tel: 0118 235 226

Business Synopsis

This Week In Craft Beer Ltd are passionate supporters and cheerleaders for the Craft Beer Industry. We want to share information and experiences that further build the community to support the industry.

This Week In Craft Beer will aim to be the trusted source of current information for the craft beer industry and its customers, and to run Craft Beer “Weekends of a Lifetime!”

The Company Mantra is “Connecting the Craft-Beer Community”

Everything that TWICB does will be driven by a genuine passion for spreading the word about this incredible industry. Our goal is to assist in the industry’s success and prosperity in whatever way we can.

Currently, we are not aware of any competing newsletter serving the Craft Beer community on a National level. The closest we are aware of is “What’s Brewing”, the membership newsletter for CAMRA, but this is more like the antithesis of our product, rather than a competitor!

We are not aware of anyone in the UK promoting curated tours the leading US taprooms. There are tours that are advertised by general US-based travel companies, but nothing that will have the attention to detail or the passion that we will bring. The Newsletter and the Podcast will both be great platforms to promote the tours.